High-speed recycled material flat drip irrigation pipe production line

Brand Name: Qingdao Zhenxiong

Production Speed: 160m/min

Features of the drip irrigation pipe with flat dripper:

1. The dripper adopts multi-window water inlet to improve anti-clogging performance, turbulent flow channel design, stable state and uniform dripping amount.

2. The spacing of the dripper can be set to meet the irrigation needs of different crops, and to meet the requirements of water saving and production increase to the utmost extent.

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Equipment Features:

1. It can realize the addition of 50-100% recycled materials and achieve speed production of 180 m/min;

2. The structural principle of the 60/38 extruder screw, pipe head and pipe sizing sleeve is redesigned according to the characteristics of the recycled material to ensure the plasticization and strength of the recycled material;

3.Both the vacuum water tank and the cooling water tank are made of stainless steel 304. The vacuum in the vacuum water tank can be flexibly and accurately adjusted and kept stable according to the production demand. The special reclaimed material rotting test procedure guarantees the quality of the reclaimed pipette belt.

4. The contactless method is used to detect the dripper, which avoids the damage of the dripper to the drip irrigation belt;

5. Double-punch mode controlled by motion controller to ensure accurate punching at small distance;

6. Advanced punching camera system  guarantees the quality of punching!

Equipment use:

Used in the production of inlay patch drip tape products. Drip-filling products are widely used to grow field crops (such as cotton, baths), fruits and vegetables, trees and flowers.




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