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Automatic Refrigerator Door Gasket Production Line

Refrigerator gasket is widely used in refrigerator, ice chest, drinking machine, beverage box, sanitizing cabinet, kitchen appliances and some kinds of household and other industry applications.

HDPE Gas/Water Pipe Production Line

PE pipe machine is mainly used to manufacturing PE plastic pipe,High efficiency single screw extruder: high rotation speed, high capacity and good compounding effect ensures stable extrusion.

Plastic Profile Production Line

WPC profile plate extruder consists of twin-screw extruder, mold, calibration table, traction cutting machine and loading table.The WPC profile extruder can also be used to manufacture PVC door and window profiles after replacing the mold.

PE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

The prestressed plastic bellows can provide a barrier protection far superior to the metal bellows for the prestressed tendons, and can prevent the pollution of harmful substances from penetrating the pipeline, thereby ensuring the good durability of the post-tensioned prestressed structure.

Automatic Plastic Perforating Machine

The hot needle perforation machine places pores into packing film for food and plant industry, and can be integrated into every continuous web path. And there's an intelligent control system matches the speed of the perforating needles to the speed of web.

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Dec 12, 2023
Shipping of ABS profile equipment ordered by foreign customers!

Hi~ Yesterday in Qingdao, experienced the double weather test of sub-zero temperature and sleet, cold to shake, but also difficult to stop the busy delivery.

Nov 27, 2023
We're here! The 8th China Linyi International Plastic Industry Expo in 2023

Recently, the 8th China Linyi International Plastic Industry Expo and the 19th China Linyi Plastic Packaging and Printing Exhibition were grandly held in 2023. A large number of famous enterprises from domestic and foreign plastic raw materials, ingredients, machinery, molds, products and other industries participated in the exhibition. Qingdao Zhenxiong Machinery organized personnel to attend the exhibition in Linyi.

Aug 26, 2023
Acceptance Record | Qingdao Zhenxiong Mechanical - Wood Powder Machine Equipment, Successfully Passed Saudi Customer Site Acceptance!

On the afternoon of August 22nd, the wood flour machine equipment developed and produced by Qingdao Zhenxiong Mechanical successfully completed the acceptance work in the factory area.

Feb 05, 2023
Lantern Festival lights a bowl of tangyuan Ruiqi surplus

The Lantern Festival, also known as the Lantern Festival, small first month