ZXSJ-90 single screw extruder

Brand: Qingdao Zhenxiong

Name: ZXSJ-90 Single Screw Extruder

Screw parameters: φ90mm, 25/1

Optional motor: 55kw, 90kw equipped according to actual conditions

       ZXSJ-90 single-screw extruder is mainly used in different plastic raw material basic processing, suitable for all kinds of polyolefin raw materials, especially suitable for HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS plastic plasticization; such as optional auxiliary machine, can be used Production of various plastic products, such as pipes, profiles and so on.

       The characteristics of the extruder are mainly reflected in the following points:

1. High speed, high output, stable output, and no attenuation with time or speed.

2. low temperature melt plasticization, material plasticization is uniform.

3. The plasticizing process is controlled, and only particles smaller than the isolation gap can enter the melt channel.

4. The material melt is extruded at a lower temperature.

5. using digital control, PLC control and PCC industrial computer control three control systems, to meet the needs of different customers.

      Technical parameter:



Features: High-efficiency single-screw extruder, extrusion output 150kg / h, high output and stability, uniform plasticization of materials, high degree of automation

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