Breakthrough in technology, commitment to new product development

Breakthrough in technology, commitment to new product development
Jan 05, 2024

 China Plastics Machinery Industry Association analyzes the development trend of the industry: To make China's press level as close as possible to the world, it is impossible to simply introduce foreign technology. It is necessary to start from the independent research and development of cutting-edge technology and change the backward situation of China's plastic machinery level. Enhance competitiveness in the international market.

Qingdao Zhenxiong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. actively responded to the party's call to increase the research and development of new products. It has developed TDG series communication cable porous pipe production line, HDPE cable silicon core tube production line, PET sheet high-efficiency extrusion production line, environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite More than 20 kinds of plastic machinery and equipment, such as material production line and building formwork production line, are sold to Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, etc., which lays a solid foundation for enterprise development. "Zhen Xiongren" will continue to learn from foreign advanced products and processes and equipment to develop our company's presses and improve the technical level.