Sales Department Dragon Boat Festival Group Construction

Sales Department Dragon Boat Festival Group Construction
Jun 11, 2022

Focus on the youth. Qingdao Zhenxiong machinery group construction is in perfect bloom.In order to adjust the work pressure, create a passion, responsibility, happy working atmosphere, so that we can better put into the next work.

The company specially arranged the group building activities of Penglai Sales Department, aiming at enriching the spare time life of employees, further strengthening the team cohesion, improving the ability of unity and cooperation between teams, and better serving customers.On the morning of June 11, the activity officially began.

The first stop is Penglai Pavilion.

The second stop is long island. In the evening, a series of wonderful activities were held. The staff gave full play to the spirit of teamwork and successfully completed one task after another.

The third stop is wanniao island.

After the event, everyone raised their glasses, and the joy and excitement were expressed.

The team building activity is full of passion, warmth and harmony. The staff cooperate with each other, giving full play to selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, helping each other, and enjoying the passion of youth.Finally, thank the company for the opportunity. So that we have a happy and unforgettable tour of group construction.