In the hot summer, Zhenxiong sent a cool shower to the staff.

In the hot summer, Zhenxiong sent a cool shower to the staff.
Jul 01, 2022

The weather in Qingdao Jiaozhou this year and the face of children are generally fickle. The rainy rain at the end of June finally succumbed to the arrival of July. In the face of rising temperatures, the temperature of the production line has set a new high in previous years. Employee production is also accompanied by some physical stress with the arrival of high temperatures. In this hot summer season, mung bean soup is the best heatstroke prevention product, which can quickly adjust body temperature and keep the body from heatstroke. For each employee to bring cool temperatures, sizzling taste, a small bowl of mung bean soup in the cafeteria, waiting for you!

Raw material:

A large bowl of mung beans, crystal sugar amount.


Step 1: Buy the green beans back, pick them up a bit, and pick out the bad ones. Then use cool water for half an hour, then wash.

Step 2: Cool the water in the pot and pour the green beans. The amount of boiled water is 2,3 cm, but it is better to use the medium fire. When the water is about to boil, you will find that the soup at the bottom of the pot is very dark. Rinse twice with cold water.

Step 3: In order to drink enough for a few people, I changed a pot to cook green bean soup. Add a lot of boiling water, cover the lid, continue to boil, you will see a lot of mung bean skin will float on the side of the pot, if you like to eat mung bean skin, you can not fish out, I am here to fish out, personal advice or It is more refreshing to remove.

Step 4: Add rock sugar, cover the lid, boil over high heat, continue to cook for 20 minutes on medium heat, mung bean is smashed, soup is green, and if you like to dry it, cook it for a long time!

Step 5: Drink in the refrigerator or when not hot, it feels very good. Mung beans have the effect of detoxifying hot air. If you are not too troublesome in the summer, you can cook more and drink at home.