PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line

PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line
PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line

PP / PE Hollow Board Production Line

Brand: Qingdao Zhenxiong

Extruder: SJ-120/33 single screw extruder

Product thickness: 2-8mm

Extrusion output: 250-400KG/H

Product width: 1200-2000 (can be wider upon request)

Product Details:

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1. Basic parameters:

Raw materialsPP/PC
Sheet specifications2100×2-5mm
Production speed1-8m/min
Maximum extrusion300-320kg/h
Dimensions27000×3200×2950  L×W×H
Weight (approx.)45t
Total installed power165KW
Actual power consumption125KW
Air consumption0.43/min
Air pressure0.5-0.6MPA
Water circulation0.33 /H
Power supplyAC380V±10%50HZ
Water sourceIndustrial water, no impurities, filtered, water pressure; 4MPA, water temperature 15-25 ℃
Working environment0-40℃

2. Process flow:

Raw material provisioning → Vacuum feeding → Host extrusion → Wxtrusion die → Vacuum setting die → Five-roller traction machine → Heating straightening box → Two-roller traction machine → Transverse cutting machine → Bracket platform → Tnspection → Packaging


3. The advantages of this device are as follows:

1. Excellent physical properties: The unique structure of the hollow daughter board makes it have good ductility, impact resistance, high tensile strength, buffer shock resistance, high force, and excellent bending characteristics.

2. Lightweight and economical building materials: Hollow daughterboards have excellent physical properties, and they have more than the same actual effect. The use of hollow daughterboards has fewer consumables, lower cost, and lighter weight.

3. Heat insulation and sound insulation: Because of the hollow structure of the hollow board, the actual effect of heat conduction and sound transmission is significantly smaller than that of the solid core board, which has excellent practical effects of heat insulation and sound insulation.

4. There are various types of boards: antistatic, conductive, and flame retardant plastics. The use of modified materials, blending, and surface spraying can make the hollow board have antistatic, conductive, or flame retardant properties. characteristic.

5. Stable organic chemical characteristics: The hollow board can be moisture-proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and free of fumigation. Compared with cardboard and wood board, it has significant advantages.

6, The surface is smooth, beautiful, and complete in color. Due to the unique forming process of the hollow board, the color tone of the plastic masterbatch can exceed the arbitrary color tone, and the surface is smooth and easy to package and print.

7. The actual environmental protection effect is remarkable: the hollow board has the characteristics of non-toxicity and zero pollution, the waste is easy to solve, it is not easy to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment, and the waste can be reused to make other plastic products.

Based on the equipment design of single-layer and three-story building formwork production lines, a five-story hollow plastic building formwork equipment was successfully designed and developed. The building formwork produced by this equipment is divided into five layers. The core layer is a hollow board. The upper and lower surfaces of the core layer are respectively covered with a glass fiber network, and then the two surface layers are extruded by two surface layer extruders, which are formed, shaped, cooled, pulled, trimmed, and cut. Into the required template. Because the production line equipment can make the hollow plate join the upper and lower layers of glass fiber network, the technical problems such as the heavy weight of conventional formwork and easy deformation are fundamentally solved. The five-layer hollow formwork has the advantages of light weight and easy to eat nails, and also reduces the labor intensity of construction workers.



Market advantages of the grid board material:

1. Labor costs are reduced. The grid plate only needs to be directly extruded and formed in one time, which greatly reduces labor costs.

2. The performance of grid board products is perfect. Lattice board has the incomparable advantages of paper materials, integrating environmental protection, simplicity, moisture resistance, scratch resistance and other advantages.

3. The environmental performance of grid board products is more prominent. The components of the grid board are all made of environmentally friendly materials. After use, consumers can completely recycle 100%, and there will be no loss during the recycling process.

4, More cost-effective. Compared with paper materials, grid plates are more expensive. However, the actual operation will be completely different. The grid board can be used repeatedly and repeatedly, light weight, and save a lot of costs.

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