Plastic Wire Production Line

Plastic Wire Production Line
Plastic Wire Production Line

Plastic Wire Production Line

Brand: Qingdao Zhenxiong

Product Details:

Project equipment characteristics:

1. This equipment is tailored to the equipment according to the actual needs of the customer and the existing venue.

2. After communicating with customers many times, the equipment process process analyzes the designed schemes in detail to closely fit the needs of customers.

3. Project equipment design adopts a three -dimensional design plan to avoid design defects in advance, reasonable and standardized design; distinguish the CAD design method of other manufacturers, the defects caused by other manufacturers, and the waste of resources caused by the phenomenon of rework, repairs, and crude production in later production and manufacturing. Product quality and progress progress.

4. Equipment raw materials adopt national standard size, overall strength and service life of the equipment. The temperature control instrument control system uses the Omron brand; the low -voltage electrical components adopt the Siemens/ Chint brand; the equipment is operating normally and continuously, reducing the labor intensity of employees and improving production efficiency.

5. Equipment is a new product. There is no need to renovate or two mobile phones. The interests of customers are not infringed.

6. Equipment from communication, process design, manufacturing, equipment installation, equipment debugging, employee training, and after -sales service are all over key projects.

Performance and advantages:

1. This machine is equipped with extruder reducer. The gear and axis components use alloy steel, which are processes such as carburizing, quenching, and grinding teeth. High characteristics. The material of the screw and tube is 38CRMOAL/A, nitride treatment, low noise, the cooling of the leaflet uses wind and cold, and heating is heated by the heating ring of cast aluminum. Equipped with a fully automatic temperature control distribution disk, the number showed the intelligent temperature control instrument, and the low -voltage electrical appliances use Siemens/Chint, and the Omlong temperature control meter. Frequency. With automatic drying drying and automatic feeder.

2. The vertical plastic dehumidifier dryer has functions such as automatic operation and timely overload protection alarm. The motor power is 37kW. The vertical storage tank is made of stainless steel, and the area is small, the capacity is large, the power consumption is low, the labor is saved, the control is simple and convenient, the mix of mixing Quick and even the advantages. It can be applied to: plastic slices, crushing materials, plastic particles, new and old plastic materials, and adding color mothers to mix well, dehumidify and dry.

3. The extruded wire is cooled by water, to control the crystallinity of the plastic to ensure the extension rate when the bruises are stretched. Squeeze the stretching wire blank for hot water treatment to ensure the extension rate when the bruises are stretched.


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