Plastic Monofilament Production Line for False Eyelashes and Wig

Plastic Monofilament Production Line for False Eyelashes and Wig
Plastic Monofilament Production Line for False Eyelashes and Wig

Plastic Monofilament Production Line for False Eyelashes and Wig

Brand: Qingdao Zhenxiong

Product Details:

▶ Project equipment characteristics:

1. This device can customize the equipment according to the actual needs of the customer and the existing venue.

2. Project equipment design adopts a 3D design plan to avoid design defects in advance and design reasonable and standardized design.

3. Equipment raw materials adopt national standard size, to keep the overall strength and long service life of the equipment. The equipment runs normally and continuously, reducing employee labor intensity and improving production efficiency.

4. Equipment is a new machine, not refurbishment or second -hand equipment. The interests of customers are not infringed.

5. Equipment from communication, process design, manufacturing, equipment installation, equipment debugging, employee training, and after -sales service are Turnkey projects.

▶ Performance and advantages:

1. The machine is equipped with an extruder reducer. The gears and shaft components are made of alloy steel. They have been carburized, quenched, gear grinded and other processes, and equipped with extra large thrust bearings, which have high load-bearing capacity, stable transmission and high efficiency. Remarkable features. The screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoAL/A, nitrided, low noise and corrosion resistant. The barrel is cooled by air cooling, and the heating method is cast aluminum heating ring. It is equipped with a fully automatic temperature control switchboard, digital display intelligent temperature control instrument, and low-voltage electrical appliances adopt Siemens/Chint and Omron temperature control meters. Frequency.

2. Made of mold steel, it has the advantages of fast and uniform production speed and low machine head pressure. High precision and long life. Can produce 1.0-2mm wire, adjustable according to customer requirements, with metering pump.

3. Water cooling is performed after extrusion to control the crystallinity of the plastic and the elongation during stretching. Made of stainless steel.

Device composition:

Name and specification

Number of Units
Drying device 1 set
SJ-55/30 single screw extruder1set
The die head mold (with measuring pump)1set
Stainless steel cooling tank


The NO.1 Haul-off machine (five rollers) 1set

Heating Stretching device

The NO.2 Haul-off machine (seven rollers) 1set
Heating Stretching device1set

The NO.3 Haul-off machine (seven rollers) 

Oil coating machine1set
Winding machine1set
Bending ribbon Corrugated machine1set

Temperature control system



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