PE Waterproof Sheet Production Line
PE Waterproof Sheet Production Line

PE Waterproof Sheet Production Line

Brand: QingDao Zhenxiong

Product Details:

PE waterproof coil material, also known as polyethylene waterproof coil, is a piece of squeezing and forming of polyethylene raw materials. It has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, aging resistance, strong resistance to puncture, large friction coefficient, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

▶ Waterproof coil performance characteristics:

1. Waterproof

Under the action of water, the performance of waterproof coils is basically unchanged and after infiltrating the water, and it has non -water, non -water absorption and other properties under pressure water.

2. Temperature stability

Waterproof coils do not flow at high temperatures, do not foam, do not slide, do not crack at low temperature, have a large temperature range, and maintain the original performance under a certain temperature change.

3. Mechanical strength, extension and anti -fracture

Waterproof coils are constantly cracking under certain loads, stress or under certain deformation conditions, and maintain flexibility under low temperature conditions to ensure that it is easy to construct, no crispy cracks, and constantly cracking and elongation.

4. Atmospheric stability

Waterproof coils maintain the long -term comprehensive effects of factors such as sunlight, heat, ozone, and other chemical erosion media.

Equipment Composition:

▶ Production line composition:

1. SJ -120X33 high -efficiency energy slip solid squeeze machine 

2. Dual -station hydraulic mesh replacement 

3. Board head mold 

4. Three roller light machine 

5. Roller mold temperature machine

6. Cooling bracket 

7. Vertical cutting knife 

8. Traction machine 

9. Horizontal cutting machine 

10. Rolling machine 

11.Plc touch screen automatic control system


▶ Application range of waterproof coil materials:

1. Tunnels, air -raid caves, water -resistant dams, artificial lakes.

2. Wastewater treatment plant, garbage landfill plant, power plant, large oil depot.

3. Film, railway, and airport runway.

4. Building foundation, garage foundation.

5. Building houses, large stadium roofs, etc.

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