New products, new ban, new measures, global linkage to control plastic pollution

New products, new ban, new measures, global linkage to control plastic pollution
Jan 05, 2024

[China Plastics Machinery Network Plastics News] Recently, according to media reports, in Mumbai, India, lawyers and environmentalists led a beach clean-up campaign organized by the Citizens Initiative. The United Nations called it "the world's largest beach cleanup project" and cleared an incredible 5 million kilograms of plastic waste in 85 weeks. Although plastic products can bring great convenience to people's lives, the environmental damage caused by plastic waste is obvious. India’s beach clean-up activities cleared 5 million kilograms of plastic waste in 85 weeks, showing the “power” of plastic waste.

Fortunately, countries around the world have realized the dangers of plastic waste, and have introduced corresponding measures to restrict the use of plastic products, actively research and develop new biodegradable plastic products, and adopt various publicity measures to raise awareness of plastic pollution. Trying to curb the spread of plastic pollution.

In order to solve the problem of refractory degradation of packaging plastics, Mondi, an international packaging product group, has been launching a new 100% recyclable plastic bag with detachable decorative panels in 2019. According to Mundi, the plastic bag material is free of glue or adhesive, and the nozzle and lid are also made of polyethylene. The package will be used to package Flosch products to replace traditional flexible plastic bags, replacing some defective recycling. process.

The plastics developed by scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences can “disappear” in seawater, which can replace the common plastics that are difficult to degrade at the present stage, solve the increasingly serious problem of marine plastic pollution and protect the marine ecological environment. According to media reports, the water-soluble and degradable materials developed by the research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have certain environmental tolerance. After being discarded, they can degrade in seawater within days to hundreds of days, and eventually decompose into Small molecules that do not pollute the environment.

World cola giant PepsiCo has announced that it will join the NaturALL Plastic Bottle Alliance, which was established in 2017 by Danone, Nestlé Drinking Water and bio-based materials development company Origin Materials to accelerate 100% sustainable and innovative packaging solutions for renewable materials. Development and utilization of the program.

Pepsi-related officials said that PepsiCo is pleased to contribute to the alliance's research and development capabilities, and look forward to seeing the achievements of the alliance with the joint efforts of member companies. After joining the alliance, Pepsi will focus on reducing carbon emissions from packaging materials to help achieve the goal of reducing absolute emissions of greenhouse gases throughout the value chain by 20% by 2030.

In addition, the plastic ban can also play a role in controlling plastic pollution. A few days ago, the Norwegian government submitted a proposal to amend the Basel Convention, one of which proposed a new requirement for waste plastics. It is recommended to control waste from plastics and mixed plastic materials, as well as mixed waste containing plastics, including micro-plastic beads. By explicitly incorporating plastic waste into the scope of the Basel Convention, these waste streams can be controlled to avoid poor management of plastic waste.

Experts analyzed that if the real control of waste plastics is realized, it is believed that the current phenomenon of marine littering will be improved, and the traceability of waste plastics can be enhanced, and more control and less illegal dumping of plastic waste can be achieved.

Plastic pollution has become a global issue. Today, the management of plastic pollution requires global linkage. However, whether it is the development of alternative materials for plastic products, or the discovery of new species of biodegradable plastics, global promotion cannot be achieved in a short period of time. At present, the most direct and effective means is to improve citizens' environmental awareness and environmental protection.

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