Endeavor for 20 years, gather together to create the future

Endeavor for 20 years, gather together to create the future
Jan 05, 2024

Chen Xiong CEO Liu Yi Message:

1. We must have a mentality of returning to zero!

For each of the people of Zhenxiong who struggled in Zhenxiong Machinery, the future will be very beautiful. Through 20 years of hard work, we have had a very good industrial platform. With a well-known brand and a large number of outstanding Zhenxiong people, we have many new friends and new customers. But for every Chen Hsong, especially our top management and corporate partners, here again to remind everyone: we must have a return to zero mentality! !

2. Continuously learn and innovate, establish and improve the incentive system, and cultivate technical leaders.

We must continue to learn and innovate, establish and improve the incentive system, and cultivate the technical leaders who dare to act. Let Jinwei become a platform for cooperation and win-win, and create an intelligent ecological chain in the field of global extrusion equipment.

3. Leading figures must be brave in practice, be brave in innovation, and the key is to act.

As the leading figures on the Zhenxiong platform, we must seize the opportunity to be brave in practice, be brave in innovation, and the team must tolerate their mistakes. Only a powerful platform can bring young people together and try more. A lot of things are easy to do, and to be successful, the key is to act. We must implement it quickly, with a lasting effort, adhere to our original choices and commitments, and make our own achievements in every professional segment of the industry.

4, professional subdivision, to focus, to focus, adhere to their professional ethics.

We must emphasize professional segmentation and find market positioning in various segments so that we can know that we are not afraid of competition. Good professional quality is forced out in the market competition. We must be focused and must focus. I don’t think the difference in people’s IQ is great. Superman’s achievement must come from concentration. Every successful person has been working in a certain field for more than ten years, at least four hours a day, more than 200 working days per year, and accumulated nearly 10,000 hours before the results are achieved. This is the 10,000-hour success rule. As long as we have a clear professional goal, we adhere to our professional ethics, and we will be able to attract customers and let our customers enjoy our professional services and achievements.

5. Understand the vision of the company, identify your own position, and work consciously for your own ideals and mission.

Every employee must understand the vision of the company, identify his or her own position, and work consciously for his or her own ideals and mission. It is necessary to systematically train a variety of outstanding talents, especially technical leaders.

6. Establish performance appraisal, establish core culture, and build industry brands.

How to do a good job is achieved through standardization, dataization and key performance appraisal of KPIs. These tasks will become our main goal and focus in the next few years. Everyone pays attention to KPIs. If people can't do it, they will arrange smart machines. We can think that if there is no KPI assessment, our ideals will only become a fantasy.

If we want to build an industry brand in the future, we must also vigorously advocate the spirit of artisans in the new era. We need a large number of people who are not necessarily obedient, but who can make constructive opinions and are very mobile. We must continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work and innovation, and we must gradually turn new ideas into institutions. In the future, we will let smart equipment manage each of our processes in many aspects, ensuring that we will not make mistakes and implement them reliably, and at the same time free ourselves. We firmly believe that only by deep understanding of the future market and technology and increasing investment can we continue to lead the development of the industry.