The latest report of the American Plastics Association: Plastics have a lot to offer in the field of transportation

The latest report of the American Plastics Association: Plastics have a lot to offer in the field of transportation
Jan 05, 2024

China Plastics Machinery Network International News] Recently, the Plastics Industry Association (Plastics) released a plastics market observation - transportation report. The report points to increased demand for plastics in a variety of transportation methods, including cars, trucks, ships, trains, and airplanes around the world.

According to the report, current trends in transportation include: electric vehicles (EVs), autonomous driving, car networking and shared transportation. Technical experts, the investment community and industry leaders have driven the development of these technologies.


The report pointed out that experts say that plastic is one of the biggest innovation breakthroughs since the Ford Model T. The Ford Model T changed the city and subverted the flow of goods.


“We expect plastics to be a solid material in transportation and other technologies,” said Dr. Perc Pineda, chief economist at the American Plastics Industry Association. “Plastics is also weather resistant, moisture resistant, safe and comfortable. Improvements, and with the advancement of research and development, can develop more performance. Therefore, engineers and designers use plastics in vehicle manufacturing. Considering the growing demand for transportation, plastics can be expected in the transportation field."


The report also cites insights from industry innovators such as GM, Tesla and Audi.


“The use of plastics in the automotive and transportation sectors has been growing. This is why the Plastics Industry Association established the Transportation and Industrial Plastics Committee (TIP) in 2015. TIP wrote this report. Given tremendous support, the report shows that aerospace is still the limit of plastics in transportation," said Patty Long Patty Long, Interim President and CEO of the American Plastics Industry Association.


Since 1970, the aviation industry has quadrupled the use of plastics, and the aviation industry has become a major market for plastics. Nylon will also play an important role in the electrification of vehicles because of its high strength, light weight, and durability and damage resistance. It helps to reduce vehicle weight by 50%.

“As the market share of electric vehicles increases, the flexibility of plastics in terms of performance, design, weight and cost can be an advantage,” said Kendra Martin, vice president of industrial affairs and TIP manager at the American Plastics Industry Association. “Currently plastics are motor-compliant. Application requirements. With the development of electric vehicle technology, new polymers will appear, which will be an interesting thing.