Cold house, equipment maintenance target!

Cold house, equipment maintenance target!
Dec 09, 2022

The winter solstice is approaching, the north is entering a cold winter, and the temperature in many areas has reached below 0 degrees. The weather is cold, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, winter equipment maintenance is particularly important.

1. Maintenance of equipment cooling system:

The equipment cooling system is the focus of winter maintenance.
Many equipments have circulating water cooling systems, such as the refrigerator door seal production line series, wood-plastic production line, and pipe production line produced by our company. Insulation work must be done at ordinary times. The cooling water pipes must be carefully inspected during freezing. The areas where the insulation layer is missing should be repaired or replaced in time; the cooling water should be discharged in time after parking, and compressed air should be used for purging where conditions permit to avoid cooling water The pipeline or equipment shell freezes and cracks, causing serious losses.

2. Maintenance of reducer:

Winter is coming, and under low temperature conditions, the reducer oil will increase as the temperature drops. The fluidity deteriorates and the friction increases. Therefore, it is necessary to run the reducer without load for a period of time before driving. After the oil temperature in the reducer case rises, load production will be carried out to avoid impact on the gears of the reducer. Severe wear or even damage.

3. Pay attention to check the electrical components and wiring parts:
Pay attention to the inspection of electrical components and wiring parts. Due to the cold weather, the toughness of the wire sheath is weakened, brittle, and broken, resulting in leakage and connection. The open-air electrical parts should be fully checked for frost and frost before starting in the morning to prevent water leakage when the weather warms at noon.

4. General items
① Regularly check pipeline leakage and fastener tightening
② Regularly check whether the amount of oil in the lubrication pump oil tank and the base oil tank is sufficient. Check the reliability of the lubrication system and lubricate the moving parts as required. The maintenance is the same as the plastic granulator.
③ Frequently check whether the safety device of the machine is normal and effective, especially after changing the mold, check whether the mechanical insurance has been adjusted accordingly. Regularly check the ground connection and the insulation of electrical components and the aging of the wires.
④ Regularly check the condition of the oil filter or packing, clean and replace in time, and always pay attention to whether the oil is contaminated and deteriorated. When the hydraulic oil turns dark brown and emits a odor, it is a manifestation of oxidative deterioration. The hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible; when there are small black spots or transparent bright spots in the hydraulic oil, it means that there are impurities or metal powder mixed in, and the oil should be filtered or changed. .
⑤ The cooler needs to be soaked and cleaned with carbon tetrachloride solution every 5 to 10 months of operation.
⑥ The maintenance of important parts such as screw and barrel must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the manual.