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In case of an emergency, you can count on around the clock assistance. Our highly qualified service staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Service Hotline, to find a solution for you as quickly as possible.

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Sales Service

We have a professional sales team and a follow-up department to track all orders, ensure that the quality is completed on time, and the sales team keeps abreast of the order.

Professionals and training centers provide you with comprehensive technical consultation and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of the products, and conduct on-the-spot training exercises so that you not only buy equipment but also master the technology.

Product maintenance and maintenance


the equipment operator must be specially trained to understand its structure, performance and use, familiar with its operation and technical maintenance.


Second, not allowed to drink after the operation


The operator shall not leave the post without permission and shall not hand over the machinery to the non-designated personnel.


the mechanical equipment should be used and managed by the crew or special personnel, clear responsibility system, to protect the machinery and equipment, rational use, correct operation, and keep it in good condition.


When the machine is working, it is forbidden to repair, maintain, lubricate, and tighten. If it is found to be abnormal during work, it should be checked after parking.


mechanical equipment must not be sick or overloaded, if it is found to be abnormal, it should be stopped in time to check.


Mechanical operators and coordinators must use labor protection equipment and supplies that meet the requirements.


When working at night, there should be sufficient lighting facilities in the work area, and the lamps should be safe and easy to use.

In order to extend the service life of each product, it is necessary to carry out certain maintenance and maintenance. Plastic machinery and equipment should also pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. Qingdao Zhenxiong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with the following points:

Regularly check whether the oil quantity of the lubrication pump tank and the base tank is sufficient. Check the reliability of the lubrication system and lubricate the moving parts as specified.

Regularly check the pipeline leakage and fastener fastening conditions.

Plastic machinery and equipment often check whether the safety device of the machine is normal and effective.

Regularly check the condition of the filter or packing, clean and replace it in time, and always pay attention to whether the oil quality is polluted and deteriorated. When the hydraulic oil turns into dark brown and emits odor, it is the performance of oxidative deterioration. The hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible. When there are small black spots or transparent bright spots in the hydraulic oil, it indicates that impurities or metal powder are mixed in. It should be filtered or oil changed. .

The cooler should be immersed and cleaned with carbon tetrachloride solution every 5 to 10 months of operation.

Maintenance of important parts such as screws and barrels shall be carried out in accordance with the instructions.

After sales service

Specially equipped with a group of professional and experienced technical engineers to carry out the whole process of tracking services, answering customers' various difficult problems, and visiting customers regularly to help customers train technicians.


Provide users with technical drawings such as assembly drawings and instruction manuals. It also provides users with vulnerable spare parts and spare parts.


Provide installation, debugging and technical training services for users free of charge.


The equipment free warranty for one year (except for damage caused by equipment wearing parts and improper operation of the user), after the expiration of the warranty period, all spare parts are supplied at the cost price.


We can solve problems, solve on the network, remotely edit programs, and video on-site solutions, so that you have no worries.


Plastic extruder is the most common mechanical equipment for recycling waste plastics.

In the daily operation of the extruder, the extruder will inevitably have various failures that affect the normal production of plastic machinery. Below we will analyze some common faults that are both recorded.

Host current is unstable

1. Causes:

1 feeding is uneven. 2 The main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated. 3 A certain heater fails and does not heat up. 4 The screw adjustment pad is incorrect, or the phase is wrong, and the components interfere.

2. Treatment method:

1 Check the feeder to troubleshoot. 2 Check the main motor and replace the bearing if necessary. 3 Check that each heater is working properly and replace the heater if necessary. 4 Check the adjustment pad and pull out the screw to check for interference.

Main motor cannot start

1. Causes:

1 The driving procedure is wrong. 2 There is a problem with the main motor thread, and the fuse is burned out. 3 The interlocking device associated with the main motor functions.

2. Treatment method:

1 Check the procedure and drive again in the correct driving order. 2 Check the host circuit. 3 Check if the lubricating oil pump is started and check the status of the interlocking device related to the main motor. The oil pump does not turn on and the click cannot be opened. 4 Check if the emergency button is reset. 5 The inverter does not discharge the induction power. Wait for 5 minutes after turning off the main power supply.

The machine head is not well discharged or blocked

1. Causes:

1 A certain section of the heater does not work, and the material is not plasticized. 2 The operating temperature setting is low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is mad and unstable. 3 There may be foreign matter that is not easy to melt.

2. Treatment method:

1 Check the heater and replace if necessary. 2 Verify the set temperature of each section and negotiate with the technician if necessary to increase the temperature setting. 3 Clean and inspect the extrusion system and the machine head.

Main electric starting current is too high

1. Causes:

1 The heating time is insufficient and the torque is large. 2 A certain heater does not work.

2. Treatment method:

1 Apply the hand truck when driving. If it is not easy, extend the heating time or check whether the heaters are working properly.

The main motor makes an abnormal sound

1. Causes:

1 The main motor bearing is damaged. 2 One of the main motor thyristor rectifier lines is damaged by a thyristor.

2. Treatment method:

1 Replace the main motor bearing. Check the thyristor rectification current and replace the thyristor components if necessary.

Main motor bearing temperature rise is too high

1. Causes:

1 bearing lubrication is poor. 2 bearing wear is serious.

2. Causes:

1 Check and add lubricant. 2 Check the main bearing and replace if necessary.

The head pressure is unstable

1. Causes:

1 The main motor speed is not uniform, the feeding motor speed is not uniform, and the feeding amount fluctuates.

2. Treatment method:

1 Check the main motor control system and bearings. 2 Check the feeding system motor and control system.

Lubricating oil pressure is low

1. Causes:

1 Lubricating oil system pressure regulating valve pressure setting value is too low. 2 The oil pump is faulty or the suction pipe is blocked.

2. Treatment method:

1 Check and adjust the lubrication system pressure regulating valve. 2 Check the oil pump and suction pipe.

Automatic screen changer is slow or not working

1. Causes:

1 air pressure or low oil pressure. 2 cylinder (or hydraulic station) air leakage (or oil leakage)

2. Treatment method:

1 Check the power system of the screen changer. Check the seal of the cylinder or cylinder.

Safety pin or safety key is cut off

1. Causes:

1 Extrusion system torque is too large. 2 main motor and input oil pump bearing connection is different

2. Treatment method:

1 Check the extrusion system for foreign matter such as metal to enter the stuck screw. At the beginning, check whether the warm-up time or temperature rise value meets the requirements. 2Adjust the main motor.