Korea Rubber and Plastic Exhibition KOPLAS2019

release time :2019-03-17

      Spring is a season of vitality for women and children, and people always make their own plans during this season. As the saying goes: "One year is in spring, and one day is in the morning." It tells us that the year's wishes should be planned in the spring, and the most important thing in the day is the morning. On March 12th, it was launched by KOPLAS2019. In the cold morning in Seoul, South Korea, the Zhenxiong people should be refreshed and cleaned up in the booth to prepare for the next busy exhibition.

       At the end of the exhibition, Korean customers came to visit our Communists and made orders for the next three production lines.

       At present, there are more than 4,000 rubber and plastics companies in South Korea, with an annual market size of US$5 billion, which continues to rise every year. Recently, the export volume of automobiles, home appliances and other industries has increased greatly. All walks of life are working to reduce human resource costs, improve technical content, and achieve production automation, thereby strengthening international competitiveness. In the process of re-enactment, it will inevitably increase investment in various equipment. With the development of the Korean plastics industry, the Korea International Plastics Exhibition is growing in size and it is believed to be the best stage for China's rubber and plastic products and equipment.

       Welcome all friends to visit Qingdao Zhenxiong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. to visit and inspect!