Second generation stable double corner welding machine

Size: 1840 × 1300 × 1220mm

Horizontal clamping stroke: 50mm

Longitudinal clamping stroke: 98mm

Total system power: 2.1KW

Electric heating system power: 1.95KW

Work efficiency: 500-600 sets / shift

The refrigerator door gasket welding machine is particularly suitable for welding the door gasket and the rubber gasket of the refrigerator, and has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation and accurate temperature control. The heating tube is made of imported material. The machine has a single leg cycle of about 14 seconds, and the leg tensile resistance is higher than the technical standards of the same industry at home and abroad.


(1) This machine adopts advanced OMRON PLC control system. Brand-name cylinders and imported electrical components ensure machine automation, high efficiency, easy operation and long service life.

(2) This machine can weld 2 washer angles at a time. After welding, the remaining material is automatically cleaned (trimmed) to keep the welding angle uniform, firm and beautiful.

(3) The welding process is: heating + vacuum adsorption - welding - internal cooling - external cooling - automatic outlet.

(4) The welding mold with the vacuum system and the internal cooling system can make the focal length smooth, and the cooling system can prevent the gasket from sticking together.

(5) The photoelectric protection system is used to protect the hand from being gripped during operation.

(6) The welding cycle is 11 to 14 seconds / the output of the two corners can reach 600 to 650 sets per 10 hours.

(7) This machine has passed CE certification and exported to different countries. .

    The welding machine is a two-hole automatic welding equipment, which automatically removes the residual material when welding is completed. Thereby ensuring the flatness, firmness and beauty of the welding angle, the comprehensive production efficiency is twice that of the old welding machine.



Second generation stable double corner welding machine06.jpg

It is especially suitable for the welding of refrigerator door gaskets and rubber gaskets. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation and accurate temperature control.



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